"The sun has lifted the mist from the river. After coffee, I'll wander down and say hello to some rising trout. We like this place..."
"We have been trout fishing all around Arkansas, but since discovering Fat Possum Hollow, it is our favorite spot. The cabins are like homes. It's not commercial, more like visiting friends."
"We stepped into the upper shoals. Water was low and swift. There were deep pools below and plenty of room for our fly rods and son Todd's spinning rod."
"Dad, Mom, there is a pond and a dock and a trail and a canoe and a... and a...Let's go see the horses... Max said he heard some turkeys ......Let's make hot dogs outside... Can we, can we?"
"Big rainbows always hungry. Native browns like nowhere else, sometimes a cutthroat... all right here. Game and Fish people say there are 8,000 trout per mile on the Little Red. The family enjoys our trips here. We made a good decision to be at Fat Possum."
"Nice beds. Really clean. And spacious. Kitchen ready for anything...all we need is someone to peel the grapes..."
"Guess who hooked a nice brown first cast? Paula is still out there...said to bring her a sandwich when we fixed lunch. Memories aplenty from this place."
"My family and friends are always ready to return......we bought a share and it's become our place."
"Now we can get away more often with no unwelcome surprises. They look after the place and keep it fixed up. The owners live right here on the property so we can always count on them."
"Today I slept in. The kids explored. My wife shot photos. Our dogs are out on sniff patrol."
"We brought guests this time. They were not sure what to expect. Bill said, 'It's not a fishing camp like I imagined,' All-Star game on satellite TV, fireplace with plenty of split logs waiting."
"At Fat Possum we always have a nice place. No more guess-what surprises on renting a week-end at this place or that."